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Memory Care

Carillon is 10th in the world and 1st in the state of Texas to receive designation as an I’m Still Here Center of Excellence™ through a partnership with the Hearthstone Foundation and financial support from the Carillon Foundation and PlainsCapital Bank. With the prevalence of Alzheimer’s and dementia facing today’s aging population, it’s imperative to find care solutions that optimize quality of life.

Why Choose Carillon For Memory Care?

The “I’m Still Here™” approach uses transformational, evidence-based training programs for those residents living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia to create an environment with opportunities for true engagement and increased quality of life. The use of parallel programming helps these residents and their families reconnect through art, music, film and poetry. Caregivers use meaningful communication to effectively manage agitation, apathy, anxiety and aggression and lessen the need for pharmacological intervention.

Beyond increased quality of life, the Hearthstone Institute identifies these positive benefits: reduction in falls, reduction in anti-psychotic drug use, reduction in staff turnover, and increase in family satisfaction. Since Carillon residency is not required to have access to the “I’m Still Here™” program, all guests are welcome.

Some non-pharmacological treatment modalities of the approach include:

  • Environmental design
  • Therapeutic gardens
  • Caregiver communication training
  • Family awareness
  • Participation in care giving
  • Alternative health care
  • Diet and exercise

Furthermore, we measure success in the heartfelt experiences shared by our caregivers and family members. Stories from a son who can spend more quality time with his mother because of the specialized activities offered and communication coaching he receives. Of a resident who has lost the ability to communicate verbally, but finds joy in listening to 1950s swing music and dancing her own adaptation of “The Twist.”

No one welcomes a life with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. But a Carillon, we promote a “glass half-full” mentality and strive to make these years as significant and purposeful as possible for the residents. Research tells us that of the 100 million neurons in the brain, even a person in the end stages of the disease still has 60 billion active neurons. Carillon and its caregivers focus on these neurons, the capabilities that are still intact, and the person who is most definitely, “still here” with us.

Carillon is proud to be the only “I’m Still Here™” Center of Excellence in Texas. We help by refining family, elevating care and giving people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia ways to grow and flourish.

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