Carillon offers the only true LifeCare program in all of West Texas. LifeCare residents at Carillon are eligible for unlimited nursing care for life at predictable costs, providing emotional and financial peace of mind for residents and their families.


The Difference is LifeCare

Carillon is a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), which means simply that we offer several housing options including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation and memory care. What further separates Carillon is our designation as a “type A” CCRC—a true LifeCare community.

LifeCare is the most comprehensive program offered in retirement living, and it offers guaranteed access to on-site health care at virtually no increase in the monthly fees. Our residents are eligible for unlimited nursing care for life.

Understanding the Difference

It is important to differentiate the three types of CCRCs: “A”, “B” and “C”, because each offers some level of nursing care, on-or off-site, when it is needed.

Type “A” CCRCs, also known as Lifecare communities, include unlimited nursing care for life at virtually no increase in the monthly fee. When choosing a Lifecare community, you are guaranteed access to the on-site assisted living or skilled nursing center.

A type “B” CCRC includes nursing care for a limited number of days. Contracts can differ greatly at various communities. For example, one contract may allow 60 days of nursing care without any additional expense, and another may only include 30 days. Regardless, you are required to pay the daily private pay rate for nursing care after these days expire.

Lastly type “C” CCRCs, also known as fee-for-service communities, do not include any nursing care. You are required to pay the daily private pay rate for nursing care as soon as it is needed.

Planning doesn’t end at retirement

There are few things as comforting as knowing that your future needs are taken care of, both emotionally and financially. You and your family will find peace of mind in knowing that if and when you need assistance, a familiar face will be there to provide exceptional care.

Non-LifeCare communities, with low or no up-front fees and rental options, may seem like a good value at first glance. But, the critical difference is that most do not offer the security of unlimited access to health care. This can mean substantial and unpredictable health care costs down the road.

With the rising cost of long-term health care, monthly costs for nursing care can quickly escalate to amounts in excess of $6,000 per month. Carillon’s LifeCare program offers protection from paying catastrophic long-term care expenses—a freedom that empowers our residents to focus on living a full life after retirement.