Love Across Time: Couples share secrets to lasting love

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The following article is an edited version of what originally appeared in the February 2018 issue of Lubbock Magazine.

Love Across Time: Couples share secrets to lasting love

By Ellysa Harris

Owen and Francine Gilbreath started dating after a local college dance in the early 1940s. They’d seen each other around but never really spoke until the night of the dance. Francine had a date and Owen was a part of the stag line. Stag lines in those days were boys who were invited and attended unaccompanied, Owen said. As the night went on, the boys would tag the girls on the shoulder to cut in on a dance. read more

From Courtside To Lubbock’s Pride

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This article was originally published in the winter 2017 issue of Lubbock’s Senior Link magazine and can be found online here.

From Courtside To Lubbock’s Pride

By Lindsay Grannan

Like most West Texans, I learned the name Marsha Sharp at an early age. I fell in love with basketball while watching the Lady Raiders triumph at the 1993 NCAA Tournament. Mesmerized and only nine years old, I dreamed of someday becoming a Lady Raider. In 1995, my mom and dad sent me to Texas Tech for basketball camp, prized “Air Swoopes” shoes packed carefully in my bag. For the next few days and with fellow campers, I met and learned from the greats—Alicia Thompson, Rene Hanebutt, Crystal Boles and none other than Coach Marsha Sharp. read more

A Taste of Home: Resident Recipes

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This fall our amazing dining staff wanted to give our residents a “taste of home.” They asked for their favorite recipes and put on a potluck meal where the staff did all the cooking. Needless to say, it was a big hit!

So from our family to yours, here are a few of our favorite resident recipes. Feel free to click the link below to view and print them out!


One Step Closer: Recap of the 2017 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

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Last month Carillon joined a host of others in the 2017 Walk to End Alzheimer’s, a fundraising event benefiting the Lubbock Alzheimer’s Association.

“We had more than 45 residents, employees and family members walking this year. As a whole we’re aware of the devastating effects of this disease and are passionate about continuously pursuing any effort that advances Alzheimer’s support, care and research,” says Lindsay Grannan, Carillon’s director of marketing and sales.

So far we have raised $4,059, making Carillon the No. 2 fundraiser for this year’s walk in Lubbock! Carillon also sponsored the walk’s Promise Garden, a mission-focused experience that allowed people to choose a colored flower and write on it their reason for participating in the event. Each flower color represented a different connection to the disease: read more


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This article originally appeared in the 2017 winter edition of the Lubbock Senior Link magazine.

In memory of Dorris Kirk Faver.


By Lindsay Grannan

It is said that behind every great man is a great woman. If true, one can only imagine the kind of women you might find behind United States Marine Corps Brigadier General Henry W. Hise and United States Air Force Major General Dudley E. Faver. These remarkable women are Fran Hise and Dorris Faver, though after visiting with them it seems inadequate to say they were the women behind the men. read more

Step On It!

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How do you reach the Grand Canyon by foot? Ask a Carillon resident and they’ll tell you: “Start walking!” Sounds easy enough, and with the right plan and motivation, it can be done quicker than you’d think. Step On It!, a wellness program designed to keep seniors active, kicked off at Carillon June 26. Since then, residents and staff have collectively walked thousands of miles.

According to Kindred at Home, the program’s founder, “Being more active helps you stay independent. It helps reduce your fall risk. But most important, studies show that those who move more are able to see more, do more, and flat out enjoy life more.” And that’s something Carillon can get behind! read more

A Zip Line Adventure of a Lifetime

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If you want to see what living life to its fullest is like, look no further than Carillon resident Elvin Howell, a 103-year-old who took on the “big zip” at Palo Duro Canyon last month.

Howell and 18 other residents cruised through the canyon on a quarter-mile zip line that drops nearly 200 feet from its launch point.

“The idea to zip line through the canyon started taking shape months ago, when some of our residents were touring the High Plains,” says Lindsay Grannan, director of marketing and sales at Carillon. “So of course we wanted to make it happen!” read more

Guest Post: “Buried Treasure”

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Buried Treasure

by Carillon resident Lucia McBrayer

For a time, I’m transported to years long past. I have taken a large box from the top shelf of my closet, a box I haven’t looked through in years, a box of family treasures. In my mind, I envision the hardships of generations past. Written on the outside of the box in large black letters is “Whitney.” As I open it and begin to see the goldmine of history stored inside, I sense how very rich I am.

There is a family tree tracing the Whitney family back to the 17th century. In the records I find evidence of one of my ancestors serving as a private in the New Hampshire unit in the Revolutionary War. read more

Let’s Play Ball!

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While baseball teams around the country were gearing up for their upcoming season, Carillon was doing a little spring training of their own. Carillon is the official retirement community of Texas Tech Athletics, after all.

“We have commercials for football and basketball season, so we decided to have some fun with baseball season, too,” Lindsay Grannan, Carillon’s director of marketing and sales, says. “These commercial shoots are always a lot of fun to plan, and our residents and staff have a great time getting out there and getting into the spirit of the game.” read more

That’s a good question!

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Last month Carillon hosted a free “I’m Still Here™” memory care seminar for the public thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Carillon Foundation and PlainsCapital Bank.

Founded in 1995, the I’m Still Here Foundation’s mission is to develop and evaluate innovative non-pharmacological approaches to help people with cognitive challenges. For the last decade, it has focused on creating and implementing inclusive, community-based arts and culture programming.

“Carillon is proud to offer the ‘I’m Still Here™’ memory care program, and we’re the only ‘I’m Still Here Center of Excellence™’ in Texas,” says Lindsay Grannan, director of marketing and sales at Carillon. “We’ve seen first-hand how positive relationships flourish with improved communication. This groundbreaking program gives the people of West Texas who are living with Alzheimer’s and dementia practical ways to grow and thrive.” read more